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Boudoir Shorts – Free Online Pattern

I made these shorts using a free pattern I found online. At the time I wasn’t looking for a shorts pattern; I was looking to see what patterns were out there (there’s a lot!) and I decided I rather liked them. The website showed lots of different variations people had made up which included a…… Continue reading Boudoir Shorts – Free Online Pattern

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DIY Wardrobe: Simple New Look Skirt

Recently whilst in supermarkets and news agents I have been looking quite closely at the different sewing magazines available. Some magazines come with a pattern or two and if you like the patterns it is often worth buying the magazine just for the pattern. It was in one of these magazines that I found this…… Continue reading DIY Wardrobe: Simple New Look Skirt


Over 20 free Easter Projects to keep you busy over the next few weeks!

With Easter just round the corner this is the perfect time for you to get going with all those Easter projects! I’ve pulled together some of my favourite I’ve found and the best bit? They’re all free! It’s amazing what you can find on the internet these days! Bunny Projects One Square Stuffed Bunny (knitting…… Continue reading Over 20 free Easter Projects to keep you busy over the next few weeks!

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Fabric Storage Cube by Torie Jayne

This week has been pretty busy on the work front with lots of deadlines next week! However, I have found time to make this storage cube which I have been meaning to do for a while but have never found fabric I wanted to make it from! Due to being at uni my fabric stash is divided in…… Continue reading Fabric Storage Cube by Torie Jayne


Mollie Makes Magazine Review (No. 76)

At the beginning of this month I received my first Mollie Makes Magazine! (No. 76) I was quite excited by this because it has always been one of those magazines that I have wanted to read as it focuses more on sewing smaller crafty things and not clothes which quite a lot of sewing magazines do these…… Continue reading Mollie Makes Magazine Review (No. 76)