Project Updates

DIY Wardrobe: Simple New Look Skirt

Recently whilst in supermarkets and news agents I have been looking quite closely at the different sewing magazines available. Some magazines come with a pattern or two and if you like the patterns it is often worth buying the magazine just for the pattern. It was in one of these magazines that I found this…… Continue reading DIY Wardrobe: Simple New Look Skirt


Mollie Makes Magazine Review (No. 76)

At the beginning of this month I┬áreceived my first Mollie Makes Magazine! (No. 76) I was quite excited by this because it has always been one of those magazines that I┬áhave wanted to read as it focuses more on sewing smaller crafty things and not clothes which quite a lot of sewing magazines do these…… Continue reading Mollie Makes Magazine Review (No. 76)