All about me and my blog

Welcome to The Little Hedgehog blog! I hope you find it as fun and motivating to read as I do to write. Sewing and crafts are some of my passions and I wanted to share them with you through DIYs, instructions, reviews and general sewing blogs! Let me know if there is anything you think I can add, I’m always open to new ideas!  I’m currently aiming to post once a week but this may vary depending how much work I have… no work=lots of posts!

I’m currently studying Bsc Geography at the University of Southampton which is very different to the contents of this blog but oh well!  Sewing has been my hobby since I was little and I’ve now got to the stage where I want to share my passion with you and hopefully motivate you to try a new project, or continue one of the many that may have been piling up (trust me I have loads…)! Have fun reading and exploring!

Feel free to contact me with any questions – I’ll always try my best to answer!