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Boudoir Shorts – Free Online Pattern

I made these shorts using a free pattern I found online. At the time I wasn’t looking for a shorts pattern; I was looking to see what patterns were out there (there’s a lot!) and I decided I rather liked them. The website showed lots of different variations people had made up which included a variety of trims, different waist bands and fabric.

I bought some light weight loosely woven cotton from Doherty’s which had a blue background with white flowers. I also bought some pompom trim from fabric land (I later realised this may not have been the best place to buy it…).

The pattern was somewhat interesting. This was the first time I have printed a pattern off myself and then stuck it together. If you follow me on Instagram (thelittlehedgehog9) you would’ve seen me trying to piece this pattern together and it not working too well at all. Some pages matched up really well while others were a couple of cm off; this may be down to my inaccurate cutting of the paper though! Folding the pattern down to my size (I made a small and I’m usually an 8/10 in UK shops) was a lot more challenging on thicker paper but I managed it eventually. There was no size guide on the website though it did say the pattern made up quite large which I disagree with, while the shorts fit me absolutely fine I could have probably made up the medium and they would’ve fitted pretty well too.

I decided to make up a practice pair in some old fabric that was lying around the house as there were no instructions and it wasn’t immediately clear how they made up. There were 6 different pieces, 2 back pieces, 2 front pieces and 2 side pieces. The hardest bit was working out where the front pieces should lay on top of the side pieces and what angle they should be at. I decided to hem the front and side pieces first as this seemed like the easiest time to do it. I didn’t do anything fancy just turned up a small amount twice to hide the raw edge. I then pined together the front and side pieces before stitching the side seams and then the centre front and back seams.




Here I decided to stitch down the front piece to the side Boudoir Shortspiece for the top 5″ (see blue lines in photo) as I was a bit concerned it would flap open when I was walking or if the wind blew! Next I made the waist band, again I didn’t do anything complicated just folding the top edge down slightly to hide the raw edges and then I made a 1″ tube to put 7/8″ elastic in. Considering this pair of shorts was made out of scrap fabric lying around I was quite impressed with how they turned out!


After making the practice pair I decided to go ahead and make up another pair using the fabric I bought from Doherty’s. I bought a meter and a half of fabric as the instructions online say you need a 1.25 yards which is equivalent to just over a meter. You do not need this much fabric for a small however I think half a meter would be pushing it a bit. I made up the shorts exactly the same but before I stitched the side seams I attached the pompom trim. Where the front and sides overlap I didn’t take the pompoms right up to the waist band on the under piece of fabric purely because you would be able to see the shape of them through the piece on top. I also decided not to stitch down the side piece to the front piece like you can see in the photo above.

Boudoir Shorts

Boudoir Shorts

Boudoir Shorts

After making these shorts I took both pairs on holiday to see what they were like to wear. The practice pair was very comfy and breathable, much better than any shorts I have ever bought. The fabric also didn’t crease very much which was really good for sitting in the car on hot days. The stitching that attached the front and side pieces affected the hang of the shorts, however if I made a size bigger I feel they would’ve hung better. The second pair of shorts were also equally as comfy and the fabric if anything was more breathable. However, the pompoms attached to each other on the inside leg when I walked which was rather annoying. It was only after more research I realised this might’ve been avoided if I had bought some higher quality pompoms which while more expensive would’ve prevented this. The shorts didn’t flap too much in the wind either which made me realise that the practice pair would’ve most likely have been fine without the stitching.

All in all I’ve bought more fabric to make up some more! I think that says it all about this pattern!!



2 thoughts on “Boudoir Shorts – Free Online Pattern

  1. That’s really cute! I’ve been wanting to make a pattern for a pair of shorts like this. My daughter has a pair that is similar but the construction may be different. They are normal shorts with a half-circle panel coming off the side and overlapping in the front piece. You did a wonderful job!

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