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DIY Wardrobe: Simple New Look Skirt

Recently whilst in supermarkets and news agents I have been looking quite closely at the different sewing magazines available. Some magazines come with a pattern or two and if you like the patterns it is often worth buying the magazine just for the pattern. It was in one of these magazines that I found this skirt pattern along with a patchwork cushion cover.

The pattern I used was the New Look 6843 Misses Skirt, which was classified as an easy pattern. I decided to make skirt E (top left-hand corner). I particularly liked this pattern as I have yet to come across a skirt pattern with a thin waist band – although it may not seem a big thing, it appears to be fairly crucial to fit the shape of my body… I have made a New Look skirt pattern in the past with a wide waist band which I had to adapt and take in diagonally to fit me!

The fabric I used I had originally bought to make a summer top, but being 100% cotton and quite stiff I decided that it would be more suitable for a skirt rather than a top, mainly because I thought it would hang better.

When cutting the skirt out I didn’t follow the cutting guide in the pattern. Firstly because it meant that the waistband would be cut with the grain perpendicular to the salvage rather than parallel which I found slightly puzzling but also because it didn’t make best use of the fabric. By playing round with the layout I had a reasonable amount of fabric left over.

Tailors tacks were quite limited thankfully and didn’t take long to do. The first step was to make the darts which involved matching the tailors tacks, pinning and tacking before stitching. There are 6 darts in total in this skirt, two on the front and two either side of the zip on the back. The next step was to insert the zip. The zip used was a covered zip which I have never done before so I was a little apprehensive about trying! However, by following the instructions and carefully pinning and then tacking the zip in place the overall stitching went as well as I could’ve hoped! I was quite proud of the result!

DIY Wardrobe: Simple New Look Skirt

Stitching the side seams of the skirt was quite interesting, I decided to cut out a size 12 but this was slightly too small on the waist. This meant that for the top two inches of the side seams I used a seam allowance of 1 cm instead of the recommended 1.5 cm. This made fitting the waist band slightly challenging and involved some careful feeding of fabric and a lot of tacking!

DIY Wardrobe: Simple New Look Skirt

I finished off the seams inside with a zigzag stitch to stops the fabric fraying. I then folded the waist band over and hand-stitched it down, hiding the raw edges. This took a while to do as all the stitches were small enough not to be easily seen and there were quite a few! The instructions suggested using a button and button hole to fasten the waist band but I decided to use a skirt hook – simply because button holes aren’t the easiest thing to do!

The last step was the hem. I tried pinning up a number of different lengths because I wanted to make sure that the skirt was a length I was happy with and would wear. In the end I took up 1.5″ and folded it twice (hiding the raw edge) before hand-stitching it in place.

DIY Wardrobe: Simple New Look Skirt

DIY Wardrobe: Simple New Look Skirt

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