Mollie Makes Magazine Review (No. 76)

At the beginning of this month I received my first Mollie Makes Magazine! (No. 76) I was quite excited by this because it has always been one of those magazines that I have wanted to read as it focuses more on sewing smaller crafty things and not clothes which quite a lot of sewing magazines do these days. Anyway I thought I would share with you what I loved about the magazine and what I didn’t like quite as much this week!

We’ll start with the Scandi Hoop Kit which came free with the magazine. It comes with everything you need to make it except scissors (though anyone who even remotely dabbles in anything crafty possesses a pair of these I think!). It also states ‘Stitch in an Evening’ which even though I didn’t manage this (I’m easily distracted, what can I say…) I’m pretty certain if you sit down and concentrate on it then yes it is possible!

Mollie Makes Review

All the bits in the photo came in a little envelope with full instructions on how to make it in the magazine towards the back. After struggling with the hoop – it’s not quite the same design as a standard hoop and only goes on one way with a lip to stop the outer part sliding backwards (perhaps useful for a beginner?). However, once I had worked it out it was perfectly fine! The thread came in one strand of each colour which was far to long to realistic stitch so I cut each one into three which worked well.

Mollie Makes Review

Three different types of stitches are used: Running stitch, Satin stitch, and French knots. All quite simple stitches that result in a unique texture in the end product. I would compare this project to colouring in but for people who love sewing (i.e me and probably you!), it was really simple and relaxing to complete!

Mollie Makes Review

Once the design on the front was finished the instructions instructed you to stitch a running stitch round the edge of the canvas to gather it in behind, before trimming the excess away. At this point the instructions finished and I thought the back almost ruined the overall effect so I decided to add some white felt to hide it and finish it off. I stitched the felt on with the pink thread so it contrasted with the white as well as making it a feature of the overall product from the side (you can see this in the photo below!). This I feel finished it off really nicely and could’ve been included in the kit relatively easily.

Mollie Makes Review

And here it is finished! Completing it has given me a few other ideas of little projects to complete in the future so keep an eye out!

Mollie Makes Review

So back to the magazine! There are so many projects in here covering almost every discipline of craft! The first project is Terrarium Jars which look super cute and adorable and if I didn’t already have three cacti cluttering up my window sill along with an orchid, I would probably have attempted it! The next project is instructions to make felt patisseries with instructions to make 4 patisseries with another one on their blog (link here plus photos of the patisseries with instructions in the magazine!). There are more instructions of how to make a simple ipad case and a Faux Fur Stole which has a bit of an ombre effect! This is followed by instructions to make soaps, tissue paper flowers, concrete vases, oven gloves and pot holders and then one of my favourite project ideas in the whole magazine! It is a instructions to make a crochet blanket with granny squares based around flowers. I’m not sure if I like the colours used more or the actual pattern but once I have finished my current crochet blanket this one will be next on the list! (I say that but I feel like it might be a few years before I finish my current one…). The final projects include a magazine rack, a mini suitcase, a night sky mobile (stars and moons made from felt), hand embroidered merit badges, a cork purse and a knitted head band. All in all this magazine is full to the brim of projects which anyone can make!

There are also a number of articles in the magazine on a variety of subjects. The article which intrigued me the most was on a company called Woodland and the Gang and I highly recommend having a look at their website! One of their main concepts is encouraging younger people to get into knitting and trying to re-brand it as a young persons hobby and not just a hobby for the older generation. After having a look on their website I saw they had a number of ‘trendy’ patterns and the wool to make them with. However, it isn’t cheap but at the end of the day it’s all natural wool and they are a small business with an amazing idea at it’s heart.

All in all I very much enjoyed reading this edition of Mollie Makes, I love how inspiring it is and how many different things have been packed in there! However, I think it is more of a magazine for the general crafter rather than someone who is particularly interested in a specific niche (e.g. knitting or sewing). If you’re only interested in one area, quite a lot of the magazine is irrelevant and may not be of interest. All in all though it is a lovely magazine which definitely stands out from the others and has been put together well.

If you want to find out more about Mollie Makes then head over to their website here or if you want to grab a copy of the magazine then most news agents and super markets stock it! Currently they are running an offer of 5 magazines for £5 here.



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