Free Christmas Reindeer Pattern

As it is now officially December I thought I would share another Christmasy blog post with you all!

Free Christmas Reindeer Pattern

Meet Ralph! Yes he has a name but he was so cute he just had to be named!

Anyway, I came across the pattern on twitter back in early November which is from The Sew Magazine website. I instantly fell in love and decided I had to make him. So on one of my trips back home I popped into my local fabric shop and picked up some brown spotty material (I bought more than needed because who knows I might make him a partner!). Once back at uni I spent a whole evening carefully cutting out all the pattern pieces and then all the fabric pieces – personally this is my least favourite part of a project because it takes so long but it has to be done!

I then stitched the gorgeous star fabric for his feet to his legs before adding the felt and the hand stitching which is a lovely finishing touch. By the end of that evening I had 4 ‘legs’ sat on my ironing board which at that stage looked more like geometric shapes than legs!
Christmas Reindeer Pattern

Then next evening involved the applique of the saddle. I was a bit concerned about this bit because at home I would’ve used bondaweb to help strengthen the fabric and stop the zig-zag stitch from pulling the fabric in but I don’t have any here.However, this didn’t prove to be a problem as I stitched it slowly using a small zig-zag which almost completely avoided any pulling of the fabric. Next was the addition of the strip of red felt and the line of cream running stitch. All this combined really tied the fabrics and the colours of the body with the legs so well in my opinion!
Christmas Reindeer Pattern

Before stitching round the body I added french knots for his eyes (this was the first time I’d made a french knot in a long time I will admit and did involve Google telling me how) which proved to be a lot easier than expected! Then the fun part of stuffing!

Christmas Reindeer Pattern

The legs were attached to the body next and it has such a cool way of doing this! They are attached by a button which allows them to twist and turn meaning you can sit Ralph however you want! Make sure you check which way you’re stitching the leg on before you start though, I had a leg all stitched on and only realised after sewing the end in that the red felt strip was facing the wrong way…

Christmas Reindeer Pattern

The last part was the antlers (essential for every reindeer I think!), ears and tail. In the pattern it told you to blanket stitch round the edge of all three in cream but I decided that I wanted to use a brown embroidery thread instead. While you can’t see the stitching as well it definitely adds the small discrete hand finished details which I love! I decided to add a running stitch as well round the inside of the ear in red (partly because I haven’t got any craft glue) but I love the way it has turned out! Lining up the antlers behind the ears was particularly challenging but I got there in the end!

Free Christmas Reindeer Pattern

I love how this pattern allows him to stand up – this is so hard to achieve with many stuffed toys and I will admit when I first started I was apprehensive it would work but he now stands next to my Christmas tree and I couldn’t be happier with the way he turned out!

To make your own reindeer click here.

Free Christmas Reindeer Pattern


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