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10 Free Christmas Wreath DIYs

Every front door needs a wreath at Christmas, so I have scoured the internet looking for the ultimate wreath DIYs which are suitable for everyone to try this Christmas!

The Traditional Wreath

This blog post actually contains 2 sets of instructions, a wreath to put on your front door and an advent wreath. I love this traditional style of wreath – combining  baubles with seasonal foliage looks so good on any door!

10 Free Christmas Wreath DIYs

Bauble Wreath

This DIY looks ultra easy, cheap, effective and so adaptable for your Christmas colour scheme! You could even get the kids involved!

10 Free Christmas Wreath DIYs

Frozen Themed Wreath

As much as I love frozen I don’t know if a frozen themed wreath is too far… However I like the idea of tying netting around a polystyrene wreath, perhaps a different colour scheme could give it a bit more of a traditional Christmas feel?

10 Free Christmas Wreath DIYs

Present Bow Wreath

I’ve never seen a wreath DIY like this one but I love it! It looks nice and easy but also cheap! Plus it would make a great Christmas crafty project to get the kids involved in!

10 Free Christmas Wreath DIYs

Yarn Ball Wreath

This is probably the ultimate knitter’s/crafter’s wreath! It would be perfect for using up those wool scraps left over from a project!

10 Free Christmas Wreath DIYs

The Fabric Scrap Wreath

This wreath has a shabby sheek design to it but it looks quite effective when finished I think – especially if you want to go for something completely different to the traditional style wreath! It is perfect for using up those Christmas fabric scraps (or even appropriately coloured scraps that aren’t Christmasy at all!) or if you want to go all out you could buy a selection of complementary fabric to cut up and use! Here they’ve reshaped a coat hanger to make the frame but you could use a wooden/plastic hoop or even some thick wire!

10 Free Christmas Wreath DIYs

Jingle Bell Wreath

This wreath looks very simple but also really effective. Plus whenever you open the door the bells will jingle which I love!

10 Free Christmas Wreath DIYs

Mini Wreaths

These wreaths are made using jam jar (mason jar) lids with no centre which I didn’t know you could get but I shall definitely be having a look for some! I did think you could use smaller hoops as a replacement if finding centre-less lids proves challenging! However, I think they look adorable and would look ultra cute on the Christmas tree or hung up around the house!

10 Free Christmas Wreath DIYs

Paper Wreath

This is an alternative to the traditional fresh foliage wreath and can be used year after year if stored correctly. Before I read it I was a bit concerned if you were placing the wreath outside on your front door because rain and wind don’t go well with paper but there are some good suggestions for different paper types within the blog!

10 Free Christmas Wreath DIYs

Drift Wood Wreath

Another first for me here! I love this idea, it would be the perfect wreath if you live near the sea or on a water front and would look so cute on a front door! You could even add baubles or other small decorations to make it more Christmasy! Plus the main components of this wreath are free if you are aloud to collect driftwood from your local beach!

10 Free Christmas Wreath DIYs

I hope at least one of these DIYs motivates you to get crafty and make your own decorations this Christmas! I would love to see what you make – feel free to tweet me @littlehedgehog9!


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