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So this is the first of what I hope will be many Christmas blog posts! As I write this I am sat listening ‘Now that’s what I call Christmas’ – one of my all time favourite albums which is sadly only acceptable to play out loud once Halloween is out of the way… But now i’m free to annoy my house mates with Mariah Carey’s ‘All i want for Christmas’ on repeat… Oh and I have tinsel all over my floor which will hopefully make its way onto the walls this week!

I thought my first Christmasy blog post should be an advent calendar because it is the ultimate count down to Christmas and once you’ve eaten the chocolate from number 1 you know the 25th is nearly here! Anyway you’ve probably realised I am very excited for Christmas but you most likely want to read about my most recent sewing project rather than my Christmas ramblings…. So here goes!

How to make the Ultimate Advent Calendar
Last year I bought a panel of fabric which came with the outlines for 24 stockings, sadly I was unprepared at that point and didn’t take a photo to show you but here is one of this years designs. At the same time I bought some coordinating red fabric with small white Victorian toys on it (photo below) for the backs of the stockings. I also used some plain red cotton, 0.5cm wide red satin ribbon and stuffing.

How to make the Ultimate Advent Calendar

I decided that I wanted to line and stuff my stockings to help finish them off and give a better overall look. Now because I have smallish chocolates in my advent calendar I decided to only line it half way down so a) it looked like there was something in there and if you were lucky enough to have a bigger chocolate that day you could actually see it peeking out over the top and b) the chocolate is easier to get out. To do all this I traced around one of the stocking prints and made myself a cardboard template before cutting 24 stockings out of the contrasting red. This took a long time (it’s 48 stockings in total…) I then chopped my original template off around 1.5″ from the top to make a template for the lining and proceeded to cut 48 lining pieces out… There was a lot of cutting that day…

How to make the Ultimate Advent Calendar

However next was the slightly more fun part. I started by stitching the lining pieces to the stocking front and back along the top edge including a piece of ribbon close to the back seam on the stocking on the back piece (I hope that makes sense!). I then pinned them together and stitched all the way round the edge leaving a gap to turn through in the lining. As I went along I decided to stuff and stitch up the stockings otherwise stuffing and stitching 24 stockings in one go would’ve been tedious and I don’t know if I would have ever finished… I only used a little bit of stuffing in the stockings, it was more to pad it out and make it look more 3D than anything else.

I made my ‘rope’ that the stockings hang on by using a length of wool that was around 730 cm long. I folded it in half and twisted it before allowing it to twist itself in half again and tying a knot at the end to hold it all in place. Once I had placed all the stockings onto the rope in the right order (its harder than you think!) I evenly spaced them (mine worked out to have a 7cm space between them) and placed a few stitches to hold them in place. And volia you have an ultra cute advent calendar!]

How to make the Ultimate Advent CalendarHow to make the Ultimate Advent CalendarHow to make the Ultimate Advent Calendar


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