Made to Order: Multi-purpose Bedside Organiser

Made to Order: Multi-purpose Bedside Organiser

This cotton bedside organiser is made of 3 patchwork fabrics, firstly the small flower print is a Lazy Daisy design while the dappled pink is Spraytime Flamingo. Finally the lining is a loosely woven Calcio. Everything is quilted with 100% cotton wadding giving a luxurious and structured feel to the organiser. It also adds protection to the contents of the pockets – allowing you to keep valuables safe.

The organiser consists of 7 pockets in total. The 3 smaller pockets across the front are 20cm wide by 14cm deep. They are perfect for the little things which otherwise might get lost on your bedside table such as pens and pencils or a pocket to charge your phone in overnight. The two pockets behind these in the middle are 26.5cm wide by 19cm deep. These pockets are an ideal size for tablets, books and notebooks. Finally the last pocket – this is a unique pocket in the product as it can either be one large pocket or 2 smaller ones. Again each pocket is approximately 26cm wide  by 24cm deep giving you plenty of space for magazines or A4 project books/notebooks. By undoing the button in the centre of this pocket it immediately doubles in size allowing you to easily fit an A3 notebook in on its side.

This organiser is available for order inMade to Order: Multi-purpose Bedside Organiser your choice
of colours/patterns (which i will do my best to find) for £35 plus P&P. Upon order i will give you an approximate idea of how long it will take to select fabrics, make and post. If you want anything specific such as applique, different pocket sizes etc, contact me and i will let you know whether it’s possible!

Any questions feel free to contact me!

*please note that measurements are approximate and may not necessarily be exactly the same in the purchased product*







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